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Eunice Mays Boyd -- Family History

Oregon Pioneers

Eunice Mays Boyd was the great-granddaughter of JC Ainsworth a pioneer and entrepreneur who tamed the Columbia River and built a formidable steamship business based in Portland, Oregon (See "Steamboating on the Columbia River").  The disappearance of the Wright steamship remains a mystery to this day (See "Wright Fate").  It's chief engineer, John Sutton was the father of Margaret Sutton who married JC's son, George Jennings Ainsworth.  Binding the two families for another generation (See "John C Ainsworth History").  Their daughter, Mabel married Edwin Mays (See "Mays Family History").  Their children were George, Eunice, and Roderick.  


Discovering Eunice's New Mysteries

Read how Eunice's novels were discovered & are being published

Eunice's House in Fairbanks, Alaska ca. 1932

Eunice lived in Alaska for 12 years when she was married to Lloyd Boyd.  She left Alaska ca. 1941 and moved in with her mother, Mabel Mays, in Berkeley where she lived until her death in 1971.

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