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Genes, SNPs & THC

Genetics seems to play an important role at each step in the body’s processing of cannabis, especially THC. It’s important to put SNPs into perspective. Lots of studies have been done looking for SNPs correlated with disease. There are studies that show an effect and studies that don’t. In my opinion, I thinks this highlights that more factors, genetic or environmental, are probably involved. That said, I like to think of a positive results as a signal that the SNP could be involved but it is not a simple one gene one disease phenomenon. Supporting this complexity is that many associations differ by ethnicity and geography.

Below is a key article that reviews the Genes and SNPs associated with THC use. It is an excellent reference.

Hryhorowicz et al 2018 Eur J Drug Metab - Pharmacogenetics of Cannabinoids
Download PDF • 682KB

Other articles that elaborate on the Genes and SNPs that are involved in THC metabolism (Miguel-Yanes), the role in neurobiology of the cannabinoid receptor (Lutz; Onaivi) and an overview of the endocannabinoid system (Battista) are available below:

Battista et al 2012 Front BehavNeurosci - EC system - Overview
Download PDF • 1.06MB
Lutz 2020 DialoguesClinNeurosci-Neurobio CBR Signaling
Download PDF • 1.76MB
Miguel-Yanes et al 2011 Obesity - CB1 Variants
Download PDF • 727KB
Onaivi et al 2012 J Psychopharmacol - CNS of CB2
Download PDF • 437KB

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